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Black Motion’s Thabo Smol to build a music studio for orphanage



Thabo Smol to help the orphans connect to music

Thabo “Smol” Mabongwane wants to build a studio for an orphanage in Soshanguve, where he grew up.

The Black Motion member has been helping the communities through his foundation, in bridging the gap the less privileged have in creating music.

“We went to Jehova Jirah Orphanage in Soshanguve. We gave them a helping hand and planted some trees during the holiday season. We are also in the process of building them a studio,” he revealed to Zimoja.

Speaking about his foundation to the publication, Thabo said:

“The foundation is focused on giving back to the community through what I know best, music.”

“There’s a gap with indigenous instruments, especially in the hood. There’s not enough knowledge about djembes and drums which is an important part of our culture. Almost every clan in Africa is represented by a type of drum,” he says.

“We use drums at weddings, funerals and traditional rituals and they have always been an important part of our culture,” he adds.

“So, we are trying to get this across through the foundation. We want to bring back and normalise indigenous instruments. Buying an imbira, you have to order it in China and that is sad. We have resources.”

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