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Bikini Brand Sparks Outrage with Male Model in Women’s Swimwear



Outrage Over Male Model in Women’s Swimsuit

Moana Bikini, a prominent Australian swimwear brand known for its body-positivity ethos, finds itself amidst a storm of criticism after featuring a male model in one of its women’s swimsuits. The controversial move has ignited debates regarding empowerment, marketing strategies, and gender representation in fashion.

Backlash Erupts on Social Media

The uproar ensued when Moana Bikini shared a video on its Instagram platform showcasing male model Jake Young donning a white women’s swimsuit.

While the post garnered thousands of likes, the comments section overflowed with disapproval.

Critics accused the company of exploiting gender boundaries for the sake of publicity, denouncing the move as a misguided marketing ploy.

One commenter expressed, “This is bad advertising if the target audience is women. A man wearing a piece designed for women… not going to make most women want to buy it.”

Scandalous Splash! Bikini Brand Sparks Outrage with Male Model in Women's Swimwear
[Photo: Moana Bikini/Instagram]

Defending the Controversy

Karina Irby, founder of Moana Bikini, defended the decision, asserting the brand’s commitment to inclusivity.

Irby emphasised that Moana Bikini has been championing body diversity since its inception in 2011, suggesting that the controversy should not overshadow their longstanding mission.

Responding to criticism, Irby remarked, “Moana has been empowering ALL bodies since 2011. This video really should not shock you at all.”

Empowerment or Exploitation?

While some lauded the move as a celebration of diversity, others condemned it as a misrepresentation of female empowerment. Jake Young, the model at the centre of the controversy, acknowledged the debate, asserting that the post aimed to empower a minority group.

Young remarked, “There are many different types of women. Women with different anatomy to what you consider.

This post is simply empowering a minority & I’m forever grateful for that.”

Unapologetic Response

In the face of backlash, Moana Bikini stood by its decision, issuing an unapologetic response to critics.

The company dismissed accusations of exploitation and homophobia, urging detractors to reconsider their views.

Acknowledging the impossibility of universal approval, Moana Bikini reaffirmed its commitment to diversity and individual expression.

The company’s stance underscores a commitment to challenging traditional norms in the fashion industry.

In a statement, Moana Bikini declared, “If they aren’t happy with this individual post of a proud, gay man wearing a piece of clothing he feels confident in… they can just keep scrolling or unfollow, can’t they?”

In a landscape where boundaries of gender representation are continually evolving, Moana Bikini’s controversial move serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities surrounding empowerment and inclusion in fashion.

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