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Assassination Plot Uncovered: Russian Drug Lord Offers R500K to Eliminate Moja Love CEO and Sizokhuthola New TV Host



Moja Love CEO and Sizokuthola TV Presenter Targeted in Assassination Plot by Russian Drug Lord

In a shocking turn of events, Moja Love CEO Aubrey Tau and Sizok’thola new TV presenter Xolani Maphanga are living in fear after a Russian drug lord put a bounty on their heads. They have become the targets of an assassination plot orchestrated by an alleged Russian drug lord. Reports have emerged that a bounty of R500,000 has been offered to hitmen to eliminate both Tau and Maphanga.

The threats against their lives stem from their recent visit to the suspected drug lord’s residence in Lanseria, northwest of Johannesburg, Sunday World reveals.

Although the episode revealing the alleged drug lord’s activities has not yet aired, the repercussions have already begun. Tau has noticed suspicious individuals and vehicles following him since the visit.

Raid Gone Wrong: Sizok’thola Crew Exposed to Danger in Operation Against Drug Lord

The Sizokuthola crew, accompanied by the police, reportedly conducted a raid at the drug dealer’s home. However, they were unexpectedly delayed for over two hours at the gate. When they finally gained entry, they discovered a drug lab and manufacturing equipment. However, their operation was abruptly cut short when they received orders from their superiors to vacate the premises immediately.

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Private Investigators Uncover Links: Former Police Officer and Murder Suspect Connected to Assassination Plot

To uncover the truth behind the threats, Moja Love has enlisted the help of private investigators. These investigators have uncovered links between the alleged drug lord, the suspicious individuals, and the hitmen involved in the plot. Shockingly, one of the hitmen is reported to be a former police officer, while the other is allegedly connected to the murder of an underworld boss in 2021. Both hitmen were promised a sum of R500,000 to carry out the assassination.

In response to the threats, Tau has filed a case at the Sandton police station, seeking protection and justice. Moja Love spokesperson Nonzwakazi Cekete expressed the channel’s determination to continue airing Sizok’thola despite the risks. Cekete stated that Moja Love would not be intimidated and would continue exposing those who contribute to the drug-related challenges faced by communities.

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Full Story Source: Assassination Plot Uncovered: Russian Drug Lord Offers R500K to Eliminate Moja Love CEO and Sizokhuthola New TV Host

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