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Anger Over Video Of Spar Employee Having Self Tlof Tlof While On Duty 



Social media users are expressing reservations over the video of a Spar employee who was having tlof tlof while in uniform.


Spar Employee Having Tlof Tlof At Work

The unidentified Spar Supermarket shop attendant took a brief break from her responsibilities and went to the restroom. Besides getting a breather, she had other ideas of her own.

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The Spar employee, clad in a red work shirt, took out her phone and opened her camera, ready for action. She then lowered her work jeans and let her thingy.

The lady then started servicing herself, completely unfazed that her face was in the full glare of the camera. Click here to watch the unsettling video.

Some reports online suggest that the Spar employee has since been dismissed from work, though this is yet to be ascertained.

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Tweeps Express Disgust

Spar Employee Video
Anger Over Video Of Spar Employee Having Self Tlof Tlof While On Duty [Image: X]


Social media users expressed disdain over the Spar employee having self tlof tlof while on duty. They felt this was unhygienic considering that she interacts with the public. Check out some of the sentiments below.


“#Spar employees be rendering us service with the same fingers they fingering themselves with🍑🤧” 


“🤦🏾‍♂️…can’t look at them the same way anymore!” 


“But lm surprised that the board members have sat down to watch this as evidence, so to give the conclusion to fire her🙌” 


“but why did a beautiful lady her do that? isn’t she married or she’s just thirsty? isu tiripo wani?” 


“But legally azodzingirwei pabasa , she was relieving herself ,she is given time for this and after her time I believe she is humanely hygienic like most of us,we all don’t know how hygienic we are . Anoda lawyer apa ,vid is 56 sec pple use bathroom & back 10 min ,I don’😂😂😂😂 “


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