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Anele Mdoda dragged for defending lady who slept with her friend’s husband



Anele Mdoda is loved for her takes and opinions which she airs on radio and social media, but her recent opinion as regards a lady who slept with her best friend’s husband got her dragged by netizens.

A lady named Yams Zwakala allegedly slept with her bestfriend’s husband named Thabang.

It was reported that this isn’t Yams first time of committing such act, as she’s done it with other men.

Yams Zwakala has been allegedly sleeping with her bestfriends husband Thabang. I’m not shocked because she has slept with half of Modisakeng (her baby daddy’s) friends around Sandton,” reports reads.

The photo of the socialite was shared on social media and she was dragged heavily by tweeps.

However, Anele Mdoda slammed the narrative as she questioned why the focus was on just the lady and not the other men who committed the atrocities with her.

“So they all didn’t want to sleep with her?all of this was under duress on their part? How does she make so many perfect people do the wrong thing?” the radio presenter asked.

Twitter users were not pleased with Anele’s reaction to the saga and they dragged her for it.

Some of the reactions from other Twitter users include:

“Your true colours finally come out,the girl showed she has no loyalty, you’re defending ubufebe be 23 years old.”

“I’m not surprised you’re siding with her. Your sister made that Kani’s boy support, not one but two children who are not his for years. I’m sure if you were not shapeless throughout the years we’d have similar cases from you.”

“No it was not under duress. She’s just as vile as those men. Stop trying to sanitise her behaviour.”

“Sistas, you should’ve sat this one out.”

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