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Anc problems are bigger than the mountain



The problems at the African National Congress are starting to be bigger on each we’re workers and staff at Luthuli have promised, to go on strike for the payments that they didn’t receive during the past month.

This has caused huge sadness on many across the country saying that if the ruling party fails, to manage their employees then how will they create jobs in the country where people can start to earn decent salaries every day.

It is very disappointing to see how the ruling party is sinking every day under the leadership of Cyril Ramaphosa, we’re many people thought that funders will be donating a lot of money to the party because of the ideas that the president has in the business.

But this has to turn into a nightmare where many people are losing their jobs every day in the country, and it will also cost the party lot of votes during the local elections later on this year, where many people will not be hands-on the election campaigns.

But now the leadership of the party will have to come up with a plan to solve this crisis before it causes damage to the party because now the president is focusing more on corruption.

This can also be a huge downfall of this liberation party where many political parties can use this as an opportunity, to destabilize the Anc so that they can get more support on the ground.

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