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Anc has bigger plans to all South Africans



Ramaphosa was talking to the young upcoming councilors Cyril Ramaphosa has encouraged them to be hands-on when they are dealing with the issues of the people of this country, when they lead them on different municipalities in the country after the local elections in October this year.

Ramaphosa took his campaign to Tembisa in Ekhureleni on Sunday afternoon to talk to the people of this municipality about the concerns that they are facing every day in their community, which has left many people hopeless because they have to give their trust to the ruling party.

Ekhuruleni is one of the strongholds of the Anc we’re the party has been praising the current mayor Mzwanele Masina about the good things that he is doing for this municipality, where he has been building the economy of the city in the country where many young people were getting jobs.

The African National Congress will be launching their manifesto on Monday we’re Cyril Ramaphosa will be giving people full details of which plans the party is having of serving their people, in the coming elections and we’re it will take as they are willing to report to the to them.

Ramaphosa has told his councilors candidates last night in Johannesburg that the manifesto that they concluded this year will be based on the ideas of the ordinary South Africans, that we’re giving to them when they were on the election campaigns this month.

This shows that the Ramaphosa lead government is ready to give people all the power that they need to be the ones that will make their party successful in running this country because they have failed the people of this country many times and now they are ready to deliver.

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