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All to know about Black Coffee’s accident on a flight



Black Coffee was involved in an accident on a flight.

Details about the accident were not revealed by his team, instead, a statement about the DJ being hospitalised was released.

However, the star has been discharged from the hospital and recovering at home.

Zimoja reports what happened with the flight. Read below:

It was not clear what happened but according to AeroInside, the Flybondi B738 at Mar del Plata on 5 January 2024, experienced a hard landing and tail strike that allegedly led to the deejay being injured. “The Flybondi Boeing 737-800, registration LV-KJE performing flight FO-5720 from Buenos Aires Aeroparque, BA to Mar del Plata, BA (Argentina), was reported to have touched down hard on Mar del Plata’s runway and suffered a tail strike.” According to The Aviation Herald, “the aircraft rolled out without further incident. There are were reported injuries, the aircraft sustained substantial damage.” 

Argentina’s JST, which is the Transport Safety Board, rated the occurrence an accident and opened an investigation. The airline also reported that passengers and crews, “disembarked safely after a hard landing.” 

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