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“After God fear Vyno” Viewers amazed as Vyno admits his feelings for Yoli – iReport South Africa News




The Big Brother Mzansi House is the most lit on Saturday nights. If you didnt know this, you’ve been sleeping after the party then you’re making a mistake. Once the housemates have a little bit of liquor inside them, that’s when it gets fun!

“Teyno” shippers were devastated on the timeline as this moment went down.


Vyno wasn’t my favourite when he first burst onto the scene in the second week with Nthabii. But he quickly made his way there when he started his whirlwind romance with with Terry. However his recent actions have left folks shocked and wondering, “Is Vyno playing Terry and Yoli?”

After the Saturday night party, camera caught Vyno having a chat with Yoli about what happens after the show. Now Yoli had previously mention this but due to people’s own prejudice, they hadn’t believed her. Their conversation reaffirmed this in the worst of ways. He expressed interest in Yolanda and outrightly implied that he was playing strategy with Terry

Social Media Response

The reactions ranged from mildly annoyed to full on betrayed by those who had been voting for Vyno purely for his association with Terry. It was a surprising turn of events for someone making plans with Terry for the outside

One user wrote, “Vyno to Yoli:”As far as me and you we are genuine”


I can’t ???????????? #BBMzansi”

While another observed, “So Terry is for show and Yoli is for keeps. Vyno shook me, l thought Yoli was lying. Heard for myself today Shocked #BBMzansi”

A final user wrote, “So YOLI was telling the truth, VYNO is into her and only playing the game with Terry OMG #BBMzansi #BigBrotherMzansi”

I think that this Vyno situation is hard to read but it would easier if people didn’t assume plus size people were automatically attractive to everyone. Yoli mentioned this before and no one believed it until they saw it themselves. I have to say I’ve noticed a shift in how Vyno has been with Terry.

When she suggested a sexual rendezvous, he wasn’t looking too pleased. I wish he wouldn’t play such a dirty game. I don’t believe anything anyone says, let alone Vyno.

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