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Actual differences between online and land-based blackjack




When it comes to choosing one of the most widely played games, online blackjack tops the list. This card game, also known as 21, attracts millions of players with its simple rules and addictive nature. But until now, many people do not know that there are many varieties of entertainment, each of which has differences and peculiarities. 


Blackjack is often called “21” because of the main purpose of the game – to score a card combination. An important condition is that the sum of points must be equal to 21 or close to it without exceeding it. SA betting sites recommend paying special attention to this variant of the game.

The classic variant is played using 1-8 decks of playing cards. The goal is to make a combination of cards: the number of points more than the dealer, but less than 21. Players first bet, then receive two cards each, the dealer also receives a pair of cards: closed and open. 

Players have the opportunity to make one of several moves: 

  • draw another card (hit);
  • stand;
  • double down;
  • split the pair. 

After making decisions, the dealer reveals a second card and continues to draw cards until he reaches a total of 17 or more.

If the dealer’s point total exceeds 21, he loses (bust). If the dealer’s point total is greater than the player’s or he is “busted” (bust), the player wins. If the sum of points is the same, the player keeps the bet.

Classic Blackjack is a gambling pastime that requires strategy, analysis and the ability to make quick decisions. It also allows players to use various strategies such as card counting and basic game strategies to increase the chances of winning.

One of the main strategies in blackjack is basic strategy, which allows players to make the best possible moves depending on the cards they receive and the dealer’s open card. When basic strategy is applied correctly, the chances of a player winning increase significantly.


A standard 48-card deck is used, with no four tens. This means that there are 52 cards in the deck, excluding all cards with tens. Instead, four cards with 10s are added to the deck, changing the odds and the rules of the game. 

Players bet and play against the dealer, trying to accumulate cards that total more than the dealer, but no more than 21. There are also a number of additional rules that make the game exciting and unpredictable.

One of the main differences between Spanish Blackjack and its classic version is the ability to double down after any double of cards, not just after the initial two cards, as in regular Blackjack. Also in Spanish blackjack, the player can discard a hand after the dealer has checked the cards for blackjack.

The player always wins when he has blackjack, whether the dealer has blackjack or not. 

In this variation, there is an additional bonus bet that allows the player to increase the chances of winning. This bet is called “match the dealer” and allows the player to win if one of their cards matches the dealer’s open card.


The main difference between Blackjack Switch and the classic version is that the player can change cards between two hands, which adds strategic possibilities and makes the game even more exciting.

The goal is as follows: to score a combination of cards whose point total will be close to 21, but without exceeding the number. The player is allowed to swap cards between the two hands, opening up new opportunities to form profitable combinations.

The game takes place on a special game table, on which two boxes are placed – each of which represents a separate hand of the player. In the beginning, the player bets on both boxes and receives two cards for each of the hands. He is then given the opportunity to swap the top cards in his hand if this will improve his combinations. The player is then asked to act according to standard blackjack rules – take additional cards, keep the current cards or double down. At the end of the game, the dealer’s hand is played, after which points are counted and winnings are paid out.

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