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ActionSA concerned about crime rate at Nelson Mandela Bay schools



ActionSA President Herman Mashaba says the high rate of crime in schools around the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro requires a solid plan and national intervention. ActionSA conducted an oversight visit to the metro today starting with a visit to Kwazakhele High School.

There has been a spate of robberies, vandalism and other criminal activities at the school.

This has affected both the learners, the staff and has spread to the community of Kwazakhele. Mashaba says their aim is to make this known to the world.

“This particular school, I was informed about the level of crime and teachers being robbed by criminals and I was just told as I was going into the school, that the local clinic has also been closed because of criminals who then robbed the staff. So, these are things that we want to highlight and bring to the attention of people in the Eastern Cape, bring them to the attention of people in South Africa and the world.”


Street Committee Member, Ayanda Gola says crime is out of control in the area. He is calling for police intervention and says there is not much they can do without the police’s assistance as they are losing control.

“Crime is beyond explanation in this area, because right now we are at Kwazakhele, next door Kwazakhele is Henry Nginza. There was a robbery right now at a clinic not far from here, residents are outside. This is beyond us, we really need police intervention, they must help us as it is impossible to fight this on our own.”

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