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A local woman withdrew R800 but the atm gave her R4000 then she did this



Its not everyday that you just get money which you have not worked for just coming to you.

Many people would consider picking up a wallet full of money luck or good fortune but some will try to find the real owner because their inner conscience will be telling them that it is wrong to keep it.

Everyone dreams of picking up a large amount of money that would make their financial troubles disappear. A certain local woman who goes by the handle name Yanga on Twitter shared a heartwarming story of what she did when she got an unexpected huge amount of money.

Yanga claimed to have gone to the ATM to withdraw R800. To her surprise the ATM took out R4000. Instead of taking the money for herself she decided to go inside the bank and report the incident.

A lot of people felt that she should have just taken the money and considered herself lucky but she did not do that. Her intentions were pure and honest.

There are very few people who would act this way if given the exact same opportunity. Her actions therefore need to be applauded. If the world had more people like her it sure would be a better place to live.

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