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9 yummy and healthy restaurant foods



Are you someone who loves dining out, but worried about ruining the diet plan?

Then we have got your back, here are some tasty, healthy restaurant foods, which you can order and relish anytime without worrying about the calories!

​1. Sushi

Good news for Sushi lovers, Sushi can be a part of your diet even if you are trying to lose weight. Ordering the traditional variety of Sushi rolls rather than going for the modified version of it can fill up your tummy, while keeping your calorie intake in check. Some restaurants also offer brown rice Sushi in place of white rice, the healthier, the better!

2. ​Pasta

Yes, you read it right! Durum wheat pastas are actually healthy to eat and you’ll be surprised to know that Durum wheat pasta has only 200 calories per serving. This pasta has no fats and even helps in losing weight! Next time, you crave for some Italian delicacy, order your choice of pasta, but go for the tomato-based sauce in place of the creamy cheesy white sauce pasta.

3. Good Soup!

We all know soups are healthy and there’s nothing better than ordering a good Chicken Clear Soup. It is not only healthy, but can also heal sore throat, cold and flu.

4. South Indian

Nothing beats the good old Idli-Dosa. These South Indian delicacies are made with a fermented rice batter and served with Sambhar made with veggies, aromatic spices and lentils along with a yummy Coconut Chutney, which makes for a healthy guilt-free meal.

5. Fruit Custard

Want to relish something sweet, then try this delish fruit custard made with loads of fruits, milk and vanilla essence. In fact, one serving of custard has around 60 calories, which will not impact the daily intake of 2000 calories. So, next time you want to relish something sweet, then try antioxidant and vitamin rich fruit custard.

6. ​Salads

No, not the basic green salad you have every day. Instead, you can order a fancy version of it. Go for salads with lots of olives and spinach leaves with grilled or boiled chicken/fish/egg. In place of creamy sauces like mayonnaise, opt for olive oil as the dressing for your salad. If you are vegetarian, you can go for tofu, which has no cholesterol and is also low in calories.

7. Grilled veggies and choice of meat

Going for a platter of grilled veggies or meats is a great way to stick to your diet and enjoying a guilt-free meal. This is because the process of grilling needs less or no oil, the food retains the nutrients and is juicy and delicious.

8. Momos

Yes, you read it right! Steamed momos loaded with veggies or meat are super healthy. In fact, one momo has around 20-30 calories, which can make for a healthy option to gorge on. Moreover, if you want to enjoy a healthy version you can also opt for wheat momos.

9. Tandoori chicken

Who doesn’t love gorging on Tandoori Chicken? Well, you’ll be happy to know that cooking chicken in a tandoor with a little amount of oil and spices makes this dish a perfect recipe to relish even during a strict diet.

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