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6 ways social media influences our health choices



In today’s time when anything and everything is available on our phones, health advices are another thing which have become easier with the help of internet.

We spend a large proportion of our day, glued to our phones browsing through Facebook, Instagram and what not. If we look at the brighter side, it has its own added benefits.

1. Health inspiration

Seeing pictures of healthy food items or people working out can give you a similar energy to work on your body. You can not only follow people to maintain a healthy diet plan but also pen down your own weight loss goal.

Getting updates from people who inspire you can play a big role in motivating you to start living a healthier life. This acts as a necessary push, that all of us require to keep our body and mind healthy.

2. Set unrealistic expectations

As the saying goes, too much of everything is bad. Blindly following influencers or fitness gurus can set some unrealistic expectation is you have just started working out.

Everything takes its own sweet time and so does weight loss. Everybody is different from another and you must not put too much pressure on it. Just stick to your routine and you will slowly and gradually achieve your targeted goal.

3. Place to discuss health issues

Social media could be the best place to find an answer to your queries or get advice on several issues. You can get answers to even those questions which you shy away from asking in person.

You can get support from health experts and fitness professional, which can help your health regime to get better.

4. Negative comments

Everything has its own pros and cons, and so does social media. All types of people are present on the platform and some anti-social elements might give out negative comments, just for sake of fun.
The best way to deal with this is by ignoring the negative comments and keep doing whatever you like to do. You can also report such people and block them forever.

5. Access to health tips

With the presence of fitness influencers, yoga gurus and nutritionist present on social media platforms, it becomes easier for people to access health information.
You can seek diet advices, workout tips and much more on social media handles just by following these people and keeping a track of their posts.

6. Chances of false or wrong ideas

One must be very careful and check the authenticity of the fitness influencer, before following him on social media. There are several non-trained or fake professionals on internet which might give out wrong advises.
Follow only verified accounts or trusted people and stick to your healthy routine to see amazing changes in your lifestyle.

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