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4 foods to naturally combat menstrual pain



According to UNICEF, women spend an average of seven years of their lives menstruating.

But, wait, periods don’t come alone; they bring a whole host of annoying symptoms like mood swings, cravings, bloating, irritation, and pain. We know how you feel! However, you don’t have to suffer in silence.

There are many effective ways to combat menstrual pain, and your diet plays a crucial role here.

By incorporating foods that are rich in magnesium, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids, you can help reduce inflammation and muscle cramping, providing relief from menstrual pain.

And that’s not all! Staying hydrated and avoiding caffeine and alcohol can also work wonders in relieving these bothersome symptoms.

Here, let’s delve into some of the great foods that can help women deal with their menstruation period.

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