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Tito Mboweni’s delicious garlic and pepper tin fish recipe taking toll



Former Minister Tito Mboweni shared his garlic and pepper tin fish recipe on Twitter. This quick and easy recipe contains a variety of fragrant ingredients and looks simply delicious.

With a few easy ingredients, you can also prepare this easy lunch or dinner for yourself within 30 minutes. You only need an onion, red pepper, garlic, tin fish and cooking oil to fry the mix in.

The former minister often shares his recipes on social media much to the delight of his followers. He enjoys this garlic and pepper tin fish recipe with maize-meal porridge, achaar, and mustard sauce. Although easy to whip together, the combination of ingredients is really appetising.

If you like your meals hot and spicy, you can always add a chilli or some chilli powder to turn up the heat. That is if your tin fish does not already contain chillies. Your choice of achaar may also be hot and fiery so that will play a role in your decision to add some chillies or not.

Enjoy this recipe from former Minister Tito Mboweni!