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Things are looking good for Dj Naves and Spectacular



Many know them as the king of the night but these two has been worming together for a long now we’re they have spent years going around the country, playing good music that makes people dance in the club and events that they are attending which is something that has helped many people happy.

The partnership between these two has been good all this years because they have not yet complaint about each other, and they are also hosting one of the shows in Metro Fm called the king suite where they play good music to their listeners which is what many people are looking.

Music is what people are looking to hear and these two are delivering to the expectations of their supporters.

The competition is also tough on Metro Fm because the likes of Dineo Ranaka and Moflava are also doing good on the shows that they host.

But with people like this they make things easy for the station because of the experience that they have.

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