Tembisa 10 was a true story


The Tembisa 10 story or duplicates was a real thing after a report was released this morning about this issue that has been dividing many South Africans for the whole year, we’re Piet Rampedi nearly lost his job because his reputation was ruined by this story that he was covering.

But now people are praising Rampedi for what he has done where he has proved that he is the best journalist that you can trust which has served his readers, about the real content that they like and this has been one of the things that people are celebrating today in the country.

According to reports 8 babies are still alive while two have been declared dead by the doctors who were taken care of them.

They are also negative impacts that are affecting this story where the mother was not given a chance to tell the side of her story.

The blame goes to the government they have done things wrong on this babies due to making money and trafficking them to other countries.