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Tbose On Dating Mapitsi In Real Life



Mapitsi and Tbose stared dating when they were still at school. Tbose impregnated Mapitsi when they were still at school. The two of them have had their ups and downs, and even moved on to date other people at some point. However, they managed to get back together, not just for their son’s sake, but because they loved each other.

For someone who has been a part of Skeemsam since its inception. It can’t be easy to leave everything behind and focus on the new phase.

On Skeem Saam, Cornet Mamabolo, who plays Thabo Maputla, has just departed the program. His character married his high school love, who also happens to be his baby’s mother, recently. After they had returned from their honeymoon, he announced a new job he had just gotten overseas.

The vast majority of viewers expected the plot to fade out. He took to Instagram to clear up the mistake. He stated that he is taking a vacation from performing in order to concentrate on his business.

Following the scene that was touted as his farewell, he thanked those who helped pave the way for him on Instagram. He talked about his time on the show, which he started when he was a kid. Thanks to their television screens, he physically grew up in front of their eyes. He is, however, concentrating on his insurance company at the moment. He continues claiming to be on sabbatical, but he never says how long he’ll be away from the displays.

During his podcast chat with MacG today, he stated that he will return for his final appearance. He also stated that his final appearance would be in October. It’s unclear whether the character will be killed off or not. Viewers can just watch and observe what is going on.

He was also asked if he has ever dated his on-screen wife, Mapitsi in real life, and he said she is a beautiful woman, but it has never happened. He says the two of them have never dated. It may happen that the on screen chemistry might lead people into thinking that people are actually dating in reality.

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