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Soccer Legend Julius ‘KK’ Sono Survives Car Crash



In a harrowing incident, Julius ‘KK’ Sono, the revered Orlando Pirates legend, narrowly escaped death during a car accident on a fateful Friday afternoon. Sono, who also happens to be the father of Mamelodi Sundowns coach Rhulani Mokwena, emerged from the wreckage of his white Mercedes Benz, remarkably alive after a collision from behind.

The accident unfolded on the very street where Sono resides in Orlando East, a mere stone’s throw away from the iconic Orlando Stadium, where he once dazzled fans with his football prowess during the 1980s. Interestingly, Sono is the younger brother of yet another Pirates legend, Jomo Sono.

According to reports, a speeding Jeep crashed into Sono’s Benz, leaving him shaken but thankfully alive. In a heartfelt Facebook post, he expressed gratitude, writing, “God is great—look at this car at the back. My life is important to God. A Flying V8 Jeep collided with my Benz.” Concerned followers flooded the comments section, with one asking, “Grootman, is this Eric Scara Sono’s car?”

Another compassionate Facebook user, Peter Mallett, offered words of empathy: “That’s awful. I hope there are no serious injuries. Are you okay? You must have a guardian angel. Be cautious over the next few days, monitor for neck and back pain, and don’t declare yourself 100 percent okay until you’re certain. I went through a similar experience, and my injuries didn’t start hurting until a week later.”

Despite the close call, Sono’s unwavering commitment to his son’s coaching endeavors remained intact. He almost missed witnessing Rhulani coach Sundowns against Pirates in their Saturday night match held in Pretoria. A testament to resilience and the unpredictability of life, Sono’s survival serves as a reminder that every moment is precious.

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