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Skeem Saam on Tuesday 25 January 2022



Yesterday’s Episode

Yesterday Skeem Saam Magongwa’s desperation went overboard. In an attempt to control a situation that is getting out of hand, he finds himself convincing his wife, Celia, to drug their child. Celia and Magongwa put sleeping pills in his bottled water. The child overheard them talk about Alfred’s shoes that the police have now confiscated.
Celia started to doubt their plan, and to cut a long story short, the bottle of drugged water ended up in Mahlatsi’s hands.

Mapitsi makes a surprise return to a lousy welcome from John, who is strangely unhappy to see her.
Babeile is still hard on Magongwas tail, and he is now questioning everyone, including Mapitsi. The lobola negotiations are also brought into question.

Candice succumbs to Marothis’ demanding tactics and leaves Kat confused.

Principal Thobagale is impressed by Evelyn’s speaking prowess, and she finds herself wanting to do the same. The two ladies are making new plans to improve the shocking reading problems at grade 8. Dennis remembers where he saw Mrs Phehla, and Phaswane has recovered from his allergic reaction at the hospital.

Skeem Saam: Friday 21 January 2022
Principal can’t continue ignoring the Grade 8 learners’ reading problem. Credit:

Let’s find out what’s coming up next.

Magongwas shoes will be his death; Babeile finds more information regarding those shoes. Magongwa was very nervous about these shoes and even went to the police station to ask them back. Babeile is stopping at nothing.

Alfios seems to be getting into trouble with everyone lately. He sold Clement nuts by mistake, and now Dennis is against him and reporting him to the police; he is getting into another fight on today’s episode. It won’t be surprising if Alfios wishes he had stayed with Charles.

The principal is in a meeting with Evelyn again. Principal Thobagale has liked the new teacher; she invited her for tea in her house. The Principal has never done that with any teacher at her school.

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