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SAD: Makhosi Shelembe dumps Mnakwethu



MAKHOSI Shelembe has left Mzansi Magic reality show Mnakwethu.

Her husband Bheki Langa told Daily Sun her family advised her to pull out of the show due to their conflict.

“Their intention is to separate us. I don’t know why they’re doing this because we still love each other and most importantly, we have a child together,” he said.

“MaShelembe also runs a tavern to take care of herself and the baby.

“I’m helping her to run it but right now, she’s struggling financially because we are having problems.”

Bheki said he built a house for his wives but MaShelembe didn’t want to go home. “I’ve always said she has too many advisers. I’m getting tired of her trying to please everyone. If she doesn’t want me, she can go,” he said.

“I promised the TV show that me and my wives, MaShelembe and MaSithole, would do all the seasons. My wives agreed but MaShelembe’s family blocked her.

“As a last attempt, I went to her family with the crew and we were chased away like dogs.”

Daily Sun has seen a letter from her legal representatives Rajam Mvulane Attorneys, part of which read: “Kindly refrain from contacting our client or coercing her to appear on the show.

“Refrain from contacting our client’s friends and family asking them to appear on the show.

“Should you persist in contacting our client, we will have no other options but to seek legal action against you.”

MaShelembe asked Daily Sun to contact her but when she was called, she failed to answer her phone. Daily Sun could not get hold of Mzansi Magic at the time of going to print.

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