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Ramaphosa address South African youth virtually as they celebrate youth day



The South African youth will be happy to hear the good news that the government will be celebrating this youth day under the theme of the year of Charlotte Maxeke, where they will address the issues that are affecting the young people of this country.

The president will be making his address virtually we’re he will be speaking to the young about how they can create jobs, for them so that they can earn a decent income because these youth are the victims of unemployment in this country.

This will a good interesting speech that will be coming from the President because many young people want to hear about how the government, will be creating jobs for them so that they can have a bright future in their lives in the years to come.

The youths of this country are facing many where some of them are been the victims of crime were young girls are been raped every day in this country, this is also destroying the dignity of women in this country where they are sleeping with fears every day.

Some people are starting to involved in crime because they don’t have other jobs to do when they choose crime as away. After all, poverty is hitting them so hard and this makes them look for a quick income that can nake their money.

These challenges might destroy the future of this county because these people are the leaders of tomorrow, and they need more encouragement so that they can always be inspired every day.

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