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President Ramaphosa Calls For Unity In First Address After Re-Election



President Cyril Ramaphosa, in his first address to the nation after being re-elected president, called on South Africans to work together.

The speech, delivered past midnight after a marathon sitting of the National Assembly, emphasized the importance of unity and collaboration among all citizens and political parties.

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Ramaphosa acknowledged the significant responsibility of leading the country, stating, “Your messages are a clear clarion call for working together. Your messages constitute what I see as a well of encouragement, of good advice, and of wisdom.”

He expressed his gratitude to the members of parliament who voted for him and assured that he would work even with those who did not support him.

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“I want to thank the members of this august house who have voted for me, who, through their votes, have invested and placed their trust in me. I intend to work with all members and indeed to work together with even those who did not vote for me,” Ramaphosa said.

“We are all South Africans, and I want to serve all and work with even those who did not support me tonight. It’s not so much the result of the vote that was delivered, but the historic meaning of the vote and this moment that we find ourselves in that is truly significant.

“That a number of parties that had opposed each other but represent the majority of South Africans have decided to work together to deliver this result has given birth to a new era for our country.

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“I do sincerely believe that. This is an era of hope. And it’s also an era of inclusivity, as diverse political parties who competed against each other in the election we just had,” he said.

Highlighting the historic significance of the vote, Ramaphosa noted that the collaboration between diverse political parties marked the beginning of a new era for South Africa.

“This is an era of hope and inclusivity,” he said, emphasizing the need for political parties to find common ground for the greater good.

He also pointed out the electorate’s clear demand for leaders to work together, stating, “The stark reality of the results of our past election is that no single party represented in this house achieved an outright majority to work alone.”

Responding to criticisms that the new government was merely a coalition between the ANC and the DA, Ramaphosa clarified, “This is not a grand coalition of two or three parties. It is a government of national unity that we are constituting.”

He recalled the unity and reconciliation efforts of 1994 and reiterated his commitment to addressing the challenges faced by South Africans.

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema criticized the coalition, describing it as an alliance between the ANC and white monopoly capital.

He assured that his party would hold the government accountable, stating, “We are going to ensure that this parliament is functional. We can reassure you that we will not fight with any bouncers. We’re going to be the best and most effective opposition.”

President Ramaphosa’s call for unity and collaboration marks a pivotal moment for South Africa. As the newly elected president, he aims to foster an inclusive government that addresses the pressing issues of poverty, unemployment, and inequality, while ensuring stability and prosperity for all citizens.

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