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Policy Documents Reveal Sh0cking Details A Week Before The Boyfriend Was Killed By The Ex Cop



Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu, the suspected “murder cop,” updated her boyfriend’s life insurance policy two weeks before he was killed.

On Monday, September 20, the South Gauteng High Court heard that Ndlovu called Assupol to see if Maurice Mabasa was overdue on his premiums. She decided to amend the policy after discovering it was out of date.

State witness and Assupol consultant Dickson Mkhatshwa testified that he received a call from Ndlovu asking about the policy status, according to prosecutor Riana Williams. He claims she requested the reference and bank account details in order to make payments.

“This is not correct. Maurice was given the information. I only did one thing: I deposited the funds into the bank account. Because Maurice was going to work, he requested me to do it,” Ndlovu explained. The 43-year-old former Tembisa cop confessed making inquiries, but said she was doing so on behalf of Mabasa because he didn’t have airtime.

Ndlovu explained, “I don’t understand why I’m being asked that question as if I had a dream that Maurice would die.” From Mabasa’s cover, she collected more than R416 000. She was also awarded R115 000 by the American Embassy, where Mabasa worked. She admitted that she spent the most of the money on his funeral, though she couldn’t recall how much she spent.

“I was in charge of his funeral. His family would call me whenever they needed something. She stated, “No one assisted me with his funeral.” Masana Mashaba, an Assupol representative, informed the court that the person in a photo in court was not the same person who had taken out the policy.

When the cover was taken, Ndlovu allegedly brought an impostor to act as Mabasa.

“In front of Mashaba, Maurice signed that policy. When he claims that the person (picture) he was shown in court was not the person who signed the policy, I’m not sure what he’s attempting to accomplish. “I am astounded,” she expressed her surprise.

Williams told Ndlovu that nothing was stolen from Mabasa, indicating that it was a planned murder rather than a robbery gone wrong. In October 2015, his body was discovered with more than 80 stab wounds near the Olifantsfontein cop shop in Ekurhuleni.

Ndlovu also denied having anything to do with her niece Zanele Motha’s killing. She was assaulted at Kempton Park and taken to the hospital. On June 14, 2014, she was released into the custody of her aunt. Zanele complained of pain two days later, according to Ndlovu, and she took her to Arwyp Hospital, where she died on arrival.

Zanele had broken ribs and lacerations on her body before she was discharged from the hospital, according to the postmortem report. Ndlovu received about R130 000 from three insurance plans.

“I did nothing to Zanele to cause her grief or injury,” she claimed. Ndlovu complained of pain and swollen feet, thus the case was postponed early.

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