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Nonku Williams accuses her ex husband Dumisani ‘Rough Diamond’ Ndlazi of stealing



South African reality TV star, businesswoman, and construction entrepreneur Nonku Williams has revealed the tumultuous journey of her relationship with former convict and businessman Dumisani “Rough Diamond” Ndlazi.

Nonku embarked on her low-cost housing construction venture, aptly named Section 24, back in 2006. She tirelessly navigated rural areas, providing supply and delivery services to schools, and her initial earnings amounted to R10,000. In 2020, she ventured into logistics, a business that unfortunately had to close due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nonku and Dumisani’s romantic journey began, and within a few months, he gifted her a car and proposed marriage. He even extended his generosity to Nonku’s mother, presenting her with a car as well. Their children bonded like siblings, and it seemed like a fairy tale unfolding. However, reality hit hard, leaving Nonku in tears and unwilling to discuss the matter.

The truth behind their relationship emerged when Nonku candidly shared her side of the story. She accused Dumisani of a significant betrayal: stealing construction materials worth R300,000 from her site. Despite introducing him to her suppliers and lowering her guard due to love, Nonku learned a valuable lesson. She regretted mixing business with pleasure but emphasized that she had moved on from the heartbreak.

Dumisani, on the other hand, staunchly denied any wrongdoing. He maintained his innocence, asserting that he never scammed Nonku. According to him, there was no case filed against him, and he had never taken money from her. Their love story, he claimed, involved typical couple dynamics. When Nonku faced payment issues with her employees, Dumisani stepped in, acting out of love and support.

As for Nonku, she recently expressed her readiness to embrace new beginnings. Despite the past heartache, she affirmed, “I am ready” for whatever lies ahead.

Full Story Source: Nonku Williams accuses her ex husband Dumisani ‘Rough Diamond’ Ndlazi of stealing

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