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Natural Reserve Under Major Threat. Koeberg To Be Given To The United States After Elections



On Tuesday, February 20, President Cyril Ramaphosa stated the date for the upcoming general national and provincial elections, which will be held on May 29, 2024. Nonetheless, the political race had started long before that.

Although the upcoming elections are relevant to each and every single South African citizen due to their major historical importance and the possibility of taking a new approach to leading the country, they do not exclusively concern the government of South Africa; rather, they seem to be of major importance to other countries too. This can be identified in the numerous major links between the largest opposition party in South Africa, “Democratic Alliance,” and the United States. The latter, being well known for encroaching on the elections of various states, it is highly likely that American political strategists are advising members of the Democratic Alliance to ensure their victory in the 2024 elections, as well as providing them with financial support through various methods.

U.S. Interests And Democratic Alliance Ties

Recent insights from an anonymous source have unveiled clear links between the Democratic Alliance and its Western allies. A photograph of a document delineates ongoing negotiations between a Democratic Alliance official and the United States. The document reveals a proposition to allocate territory near the Koeberg Nature Reserve to the United States if the Democratic Alliance wins a parliamentary majority. This territory’s strategic location, proximal to South Africa’s sole nuclear power station and accessible sea routes, is earmarked for port infrastructure development serving both commercial and military purposes. Such a project would necessitate substantial energy, readily supplied by the Koeberg nuclear power station, and integrate this infrastructure into a sprawling network of American military bases across Africa.

However, it is emphasized in said document that, as a consequence of the construction of this structure, the territory of the Koeberg Nature Reserve would be affected. Despite this detail, the Democratic Alliance chose to brush it aside in exchange for financial support for their election campaign, as well as assistance from American specialists in the field of politics. Such reckless actions can be explained by the fact that the Democratic Alliance has struggled in recent years to gain popularity among potential voters, thus needing every kind of aid within their reach.

Negotiations And Uncertainty

The Democratic Alliance published information in November 2023 in which a meeting with engineers of the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station is mentioned. The Democratic Alliance delegation was led by Kevin Mileham, the Shadow Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy of the Democratic Alliance. Perhaps Mileham talked over potential workloads on the station, as well as calculated the cost of the American Project. It is also noteworthy that the Koeberg Nature Reserve is located in the Western Cape Province, whose current Prime Minister is Alan Winde, a member of the Democratic Alliance.

Subsequently, the Democratic Alliance reported on their portal that the meeting was canceled for dubious reasons. In the article, the Democratic Alliance made use of the cancellation of the meeting and implicitly accused the government of not being allowed to investigate the activities of the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station. However, the true reasons for the meeting are unknown to us. It is known that the Democratic Alliance leaders had previously held meetings with various employees of the nuclear power station and ESKOM on several occasions.

Implications For South Africa

Considering all that has been stated above, it is obvious that the United States intends to seize power in South Africa with the help of the Democratic Alliance. As it is known, the United States has a pragmatic approach to African countries and is always ready to help the opposition in exchange for solutions that would not be favorable for the country. They are in dire need of political influence in the region to lobby for their own economic and military interests. Plainly, the United States is not interested in the prosperity and economic stability of South Africa and its inhabitants. This way, the country’s territory and its natural resources will be used in the interests of the United States and not the people of South Africa because of the political ambitions of the Democratic Alliance.

The Democratic Alliance is ready to provide their American partners with uninterrupted energy in exchange for money and political support, while in their speeches they demonstrate concern for ordinary people and offer to allow them to buy solar panels as a way out of the crisis. American partners will have access to an uninterrupted source of energy, while local residents are continuously forced to live with sustained light shortages or no light at all. They are not even faced by the fact that the construction of an American base near the nature reserve will cause irreparable harm to the environment and would endanger the existence of its inhabitants.


Reflecting On The Path Ahead

As the election period intensifies, political parties, including the Democratic Alliance, may take drastic steps for power, regardless of the potential harm to South Africa and its residents. This critical juncture prompts a collective reflection on the true cost of such political manoeuvres.

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