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Mzansi Slams Department Of Education For Featuring Skomota On Exam Question Paper



The Department of Education recently raised eyebrows when it featured the enigmatic entertainer, Skomota, as a case study in a “Creative Arts” examination paper. Social media erupted with mixed reactions, leaving educators and parents alike questioning the choice.

Skomota, whose real name is Thabang Sefala, hails from Limpopo and has become a household name thanks to his signature dance moves.

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His recent R3 million win on a betting platform catapulted him into the spotlight, and now he’s making waves in the classroom.

In the controversial exam paper, students were presented with a photo of Skomota mid-dance. Their task? Analyze the image, identify the dance move, and assess the rhythm and force behind it.

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While some applauded the creative approach, others expressed frustration. Here are some of the comments below:

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  • @sjakavoti: “But this question is under the dance section; it could have been anyone. I’d have had a problem if it were an ordinary English paper. It appeared under Art, the Dance Section.”
  • @Ndi_Muvenda_: “There are so many topics that can be imposed on learners, not this.”
  • @Kat4Kubs: “Assuming all children know Skomota is a mistake. Some parents actively shield their kids from him, knowing there’s nothing to learn from his behaviour.”
  • @price_1416: “We have an entire generation unaware of the Democratic Party’s fight against apartheid. Maybe we should focus on that.”
  • @teezyworldwide: “It’s Creative Arts, not History! Skomota’s dance is creativity and art—it’s even under the ‘dance section.’”
  • @tamsmhlakaza: “This content belongs in History. In Dance, we cover the craft and choreographers.”
  • @MJMoalusii: “First Aid Lessons for all Grades would be more useful than Skomota. What are they learning from him?”

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