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Muvhango| Tshireletso shows his true colours



Many people have said that Rendani has got herself onto this whole situation because of not listening to her friend when they were warning her about this crazy guy that she has fallen in love with, and this time she is going to learn on a hard way and it might take time before she gets help.

Tshireletso has lost his control after Rendani told her about the recording that she did which has caused her to think otherwise about the life of Rendani, and this time he will hold Rendani hostage because he knew that he will go to prison if this recording gets to the hands of the police.

Will the Mukhwevhos come in time to save one on their own from this crazy man who has been stealing millions from them?

This time Tenda will also be the one that can make enemies of his nephew because his money has been stolen.

Hangwani will have to act fast because her child is in danger and she might lose her life

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