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More Police will be deployed to KZN for the trial of Jacob Zuma



The commissioner of police Khehla Sithole has deployed more police officials in Pietermaritzburg for the upcoming trial of Jacob Zuma, the police will be patrolling across the street of the city to ensure safety to the people who will be attending this case soon.

This comes after the unrest that took place last month where people were protesting in Kwazulu Natal and Gauteng burning trucks and looting from the shopping malls, where they made serious damages that will cause the government to pay a lot of money when they are fixing this malls.

Angry protesters were marching in the streets of their towns demanding the release of the former president of the country who was arrested last month, this didn’t seat many people well because they feel that the arrest of Zuma is influenced by the political wars that are going on in the Anc.

The government doesn’t want to take any chance but to deployed more personnel in Kwazulu Natal because it was the hotspot of this violence that was happening in this country, where many people have died when they were trying to loot from the shops and this has shocked the whole country.

The government has to do something about this situation because Zuma legal team has been trying to convince the court that this case must be hosted visually, because of the state of health that Jacob Zuma is going through in the prison, and last week he was admitted at the hospital.

Can the judge think otherwise and allow Zuma to have his trial visually so that he can be healed well because jail is not a good place for him because of his age, but with the remaining months left the minister of justice might grant him bail which might see him going back home.

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