Malema left many heart shuttered after he said This. Here is what he said


Julius Sello Malema is a South African politician and activist who is a Member of Parliament and the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters, a South African political party, which he founded in July 2013

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema says the party supports Western Cape Judge President John Hlophe for the position of the next Chief Justice.

He said “Let the ANC be the first one to destroy an African child with such potential. Even in parliament, we will never vote with them to impeach Hlophe. We will never do it. There is nothing wrong with what Hlophe did.”

Last night Malema was speaking to the SABC in an exclusive interview on the party’s election manifesto.

Malema didn’t just defend Judge Hlope only, he also had a lot to say about himself, where ended up revealing when he’s going to retire from politics. Many people were left with many unanswered questions because Malema shows a lot of interest in politics.

Malema revealed that he’s going to retire from politics at the age of 55 because he has been into politics for a long time and he also wants a life besides politics. He said that while trolling the ANC and his haters.

When the political editor Mzwanele asked him about where he sees himself in 2025?

He said “They can’t do anything because someone will be watching them. But perhaps if Leave at 55 years, like Clarence Makwetu, and go die in my farm. My intention is to leave when I am 55 years because remember I came into this thing when I was 9 years.”

Malema also stated some other reasons for his early retirement which includes his beautiful wife and kids. Malema expressed his love for his family.

“ I’m not here to stay forever. I want my kids to have a life of their own. I want my family to have a life of their own – and for as long as I am where I am, they will always be ‘Julius Malema’s children’ ‘Julius Malema’s wife’, Malema continued.

Malema also showed his ambitions for the Presidency throne. No doubt Malema is one of the most emerging politicians in South Africa and his party (EFF) has come close to winning the elections several times, so he feels like he might win. Malema is optimistic that the EFF might win the national elections one day.

When Malema was asked about becoming a president one day, he revealed that if that opportunity comes his way, he will grab it with both hands even though he’s long retired.

He said “If the EFF nominates me to be its President for the 3rd, for the 4th, for the 5th time – I will be available, until I go to retirement.

If the people of South Africa want me to be the President of South Africa they will elect me, and I will accept that responsibility.”

See the EFF’s tweets below :

Malema concluded his night by saying that the EFF didn’t attend the IEC pledge because it was an event that was aimed at wasting money because if they needed his signature they could have emailed him or brought the pledge to his desk and he would have signed it.

In my opinion I think Malema had his predictions right because his ambitions for politics are too high, so retiring early from politics won’t be possible, because many politicians become presidents when they are old, since Malema wants to be a president he must wait.

What’s your views about Malema’s retirement?