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Kunene Blames DA For Executive Announcement Delay In Gauteng



The postponed announcement of Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi’s executive has sparked significant controversy. According to Patriotic Alliance’s Kenny Kunene, the delay is attributed to the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) greed and unreasonable demands.

Initially scheduled for Sunday, the announcement was deferred due to extended negotiations.

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Speaking to eNCA on Monday morning, Kunene expressed his frustration with the DA, accusing the party of hypocrisy and leaving the nation on “auto-pilot.” He criticized the DA for dictating appointments to the Premier, attempting to rule Gauteng indirectly.

Kunene’s remarks also touched on national politics, where he described the DA’s head negotiators as having a superiority complex, particularly targeting the federal executive.

Kunene further accused the DA of making unreasonable demands, including the controversial proposal to appoint party leader John Steenhuisen as deputy president.

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He questioned the DA’s intentions, suggesting that the party aims to control South Africa through covert means and make the Western Cape a separate country. Kunene emphasized that such plans would never be accepted.

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Kunene also highlighted the potential role of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in neutralizing the DA’s influence. He urged the EFF to join the Government of National Unity (GNU) to counterbalance the DA’s arrogance.

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Kunene criticized the DA for prioritizing power over national interests, stating that their threats to withdraw from the GNU reflect their greed.

Leading the negotiations for the Patriotic Alliance in Gauteng, Kunene described the talks with the African National Congress (ANC) as cordial. The PA expressed interest in portfolios related to home affairs and police at the national level while focusing on service delivery in Gauteng.

Kunene emphasized the need to address illegal immigration, likening the situation in Mayfair to Mogadishu. He concluded by stating that the PA’s approach is based on wishes rather than demands, hoping for substantial responsibilities.

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