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King Monada Faces New Controversy After Missing Scheduled Performance



Musician King Monada, whose real name is Khutso Steven Kgatle, finds himself embroiled in yet another scandal following a recent no-show. The Limpopo-born singer and songwriter was slated to perform at a Valentine’s pre-party hosted at Madupa Lodge in the picturesque Bokhuta village, Tzaneen.

On the fateful Friday, King Monada failed to appear for his scheduled performance, leaving fans disappointed. In response, the Malwedhe hitmaker’s company, King Monada Music, issued a statement accusing the lodge owner, Peter Madupa, of intimidation and harassment directed at King Monada and his family. According to the statement, Madupa allegedly arrived at King Monada’s residence with a truckload of passengers who appeared to be highly intoxicated. The situation escalated as they reportedly violated the family’s security and damaged their property.

The artist clarified that the no-show was due to overbooking and expressed his apology to fans. He explained that they had multiple gigs at different locations, leading to logistical challenges. The statement also emphasized that the company is considering legal action against Madupa to safeguard King Monada’s rights and those of his family. Despite the controversy, King Monada remains committed to providing entertainment services to his loyal fans, urging them not to be distracted by negativity.

Sunday World reached out to one of the event organizers, who confirmed that King Monada did not honor the booking. However, they refrained from commenting on the allegations, citing an order from the owner to avoid engaging in discussions until a meeting takes place.

In a separate incident, King Monada’s family prevented the sheriff of the court from delivering summons to his lavish mansion in Tzaneen. The Limpopo Legends Awards (Lilas) had sued King Monada for failing to honor a booking where he was paid R35,000 as an appearance fee. A lawyer representing Lilas expressed frustration, stating that King Monada seemed to believe he was above the law.

Despite these challenges, King Monada’s music continues to resonate with fans, and his journey remains closely watched by both supporters and critics alike.

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