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Julius Malema | His Warnings Are True He Revealed The Truth Based On Zuma



Apart from Politics, we are humans whatever we are doing we must get time sometimes to examine whether It’s good or not. No one Is perfect at all but we learn from our mistakes. It’s not like Zuma he’s the biggest sinner above all.

What Is transpiring In South Africa, the motion people had In Nkandla and the motion that some of the Individuals In the political class they have, soon or later will make huge damage In South Africa. This Is a call for all leaders more especially the leading party of which African National Congress”ANC”.

Zuma must be released or maybe he must get fined but arresting him will never be a good solution In the Court. The Country Will allegedly suffer because of what Court might do. The call goes on the President of the Country Cyril Ramaphosa to take action.

The minister of Police Bheki Cele has nothing to do not unless If he’s given orders from his superiors. But as the country Is on Level 4, people should not defy the regulations of alert Level 4. As you saw what happened In Nkandla was a glimpse that Former President Jacob Zuma has support.

Save South Africa, people should be equal. The propaganda must come to an end. The agenda must stop. Let people not suffer because of the mistake of politicians. Save Nation, Save economy of the country.

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