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“Is That A Payment Notification?”- Mzansi Sh0cked At What They See On Judge Mnguni’s Screen



Yesterday, The Pietermaritzburg High Court held a virtual hearing regarding former President Jacob Zuma’s application of order of stay which will stop the police from arresting the former head of state whilst he tries his luck to convince the Constitutional Court not to send him to prison.

Zuma’s supporters were more bothered by Judge Mnguni’s attitude towards Advocate Dali Mpofu SC, who is representing Zuma. The judge wanted to know if he has the jurisdiction to turn a higher court’s order and Mpofu tried to convince him and cited that according to the constitution, a lower court judge can turn a higher court’s ruling.

Furthermore, Mpofu argued that Zuma cannot be imprisoned without a trial when the Constitution is clear about the procedure. He tried to point out that Constitutional Court’s judges are not above the Constitution and that the Court has erred.

On the other hand, his non-supporters were having a feast day and spoke about how Advocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi SC spoke for 30 minutes whereas Mpofu went on and on for long hours. Some even pointed out that Mpofu came out as disorganized and flustered.

Apart from Mpofu’s condescending attitude whilst trying to teach the judge his job, many people have been bothered by a viral image that they believe was on the judge’s screen.

The screen showed a bank notification from FNB, with money received from an international account. Zuma’s supporters are insinuating that the judge has been paid to rule against Zuma.

According to Zuma’s supporters, this is an upfront payment to send Zuma to jail. The judgment has been reserved for Friday 9th July 2021, but Zuma’s supporters think that this is a payment for the judgment and they are certain that the judge will dismiss the application.

However, many people are arguing that the notification belongs to the person that was watching the proceedings whilst others believe that this is bad photoshop, that the judge was using a laptop and not a phone for the virtual hearing.

Zuma’s supporters are trying their level best to prove that the judiciary has been captured. This could not have been Judge Mnguni’s account because the online service was hosted by a service provider, not the judge.

A guest probably viewed the proceedings through a phone and forgot to switch off notifications.

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