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Is it bitterness, Thabo Mbeki is starting to hit Magashule and Zuma so hard



The Anc has been a movement that leaders are using conferences as a platform to speak to their members.

But this time the former president had been using this as a platform to attack those who have been against him in Polokwane.

We must say the president has been defeated fairly in Polokwane and he didn’t get a chance to express his views about losing at the conference.

But now that his alliance has facing difficulties in the party and he is starting to hit them so hard

And this might be seen as a bitter man who has been on a losing side and didn’t get a chance to pay his revenge.

This comes after the former president started to drop another bombshell about the suspended secretary-general on the Anc Ace Magashule.

Who has been on the side of Zuma for decades now and has also helped him to remove Mbeki in the Polokwane conference?

According to Mbeki Magashule was not supposed to be the premier and he started to raise some devastating issues.

That the president must have all the powers to appoint the premier like he does when he appoints the ministers.

But the culture of the Anc has been all about unity and teamwork which the likes of Magashule and Ramaphosa have been trying to teach people about it all the time.

But now Mbeki wants Ramaphosa to take all the powers and undermine the work of the NEC.

Because given the president all this can send Anc to a huge loss that can see them fighting each other.

It’s all about power for most comrades in the party and losing such power might make them attack one another.

With this faction that is going on at the party, things might get worse now on Anc.

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