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Influencer Lerato Kgamanyane to Dazzle New York Fashion Week



Lerato Kgamanyane, the renowned influencer, is poised to make a dazzling appearance at New York Fashion Week. Although not her first visit to the city, this time she arrives with a purpose: as the brand ambassador for a prestigious skincare brand. Lerato will represent the brand during the illustrious Fashion Week in New York City.

Known for her significant influence in the fashion and beauty sphere, Lerato aims to infuse Mzansi’s distinctive style into the Big Apple. She eagerly anticipates attending the Alice + Olivia show, hoping to secure front-row seats. “Stacey Bendet’s bold and memorable designs truly captivate me,” Lerato shares. Her hard work has culminated in this moment, and she candidly admits, “I expected this massive deal. Believing in opportunities beyond one’s reach and putting in the effort—those are my guiding principles.”

For the Johannesburg-born star, being the face of such a prominent brand is a dream realized. Lerato reflects on the significance: “Traveling abroad with a brand that holds nostalgic memories for me is incredibly meaningful. From my teenage years battling skin issues, I’ve come full circle. Connecting with fellow beauty and fashion enthusiasts is an opportunity I cherish.

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