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I have been with many girls, but with you I saw a wife. Man pours out his heart



After proposing last week, Jabulani ‘cashflow’ Ngcobo paid lobola to his fiancée Tumi Links.

Love is something that when it hit someone it hits them deep. Some people like to propose within a month after started dating, while others after few months to few years. An influencer Tumi is one of the lucky people in the world who got proposed after few or several dates, got proposed and immediately her lobola was paid.

‘I have been with many girls, with you I saw a wife.’ he saysshe won his heart, today with joy he has asked his uncles to open up a kraal to release his father’s cow to marry a bride. He says he has found his wife and he is happy to have found her the way we see in his social media captions.

“The Bible says, he who finds wife finds a good thing. He obtains favor from the lords. You are my blessing and thank you for being by my side. “Cashflow said.