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Cyril Ramaphosa’s Leadership In Jeopardy Amid ANC Internal Struggles



President Cyril Ramaphosa’s leadership of the African National Congress (ANC) is facing significant challenges. Reports indicate that he has ‘lost his grip’ on the National Executive Committee (NEC).

Sources within the NEC suggest a substantial shift in the balance of power away from Ramaphosa, particularly after recent attempts to push through an ANC-Democratic Alliance (DA) coalition government.

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In the latest NEC meeting, the party discussed various options for forming a new government. The ANC-DA coalition proposal was defeated, with the NEC favouring a more measured Government of National Unity (GNU).

However, this option is also proving problematic due to attempts by some ANC members to exclude parties like the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the MKP from discussions. GNU talks are ongoing, with different political parties negotiating to establish a new government.

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Political analyst Professor Sipho Seepe has suggested that Ramaphosa will likely face repercussions following the election results, which saw the ANC lose its parliamentary majority for the first time since the dawn of democracy.

The ANC secured only 40.18% of the vote, necessitating alliances with other parties to govern. Seepe noted that if the ANC-DA coalition were to proceed, it could mark the end of Ramaphosa’s tenure in the ANC. He argued that Ramaphosa should voluntarily step down, citing his failure to deliver on promises.

Seepe also criticized Ramaphosa’s decision to consider talks with the DA, a party that has historically opposed ANC policies, including the recent National Health Insurance (NHI) bill.

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He pointed out that certain NEC members support Ramaphosa to protect their interests, despite the Phala Phala saga being sufficient grounds for his resignation.

According to sources, the growing influence of ANC chairperson Gwede Mantashe, Deputy President Paul Mashatile, and Nomvula Mokonyane indicates a shifting power dynamic within the party.

Sources reveal that the NEC has rejected the ANC-DA coalition and prefers a coalition involving the ANC, Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), EFF, and possibly the MKP. This ‘black pact’ coalition is seen as ideologically aligned with the ANC.

The NEC’s reluctance to work with the DA suggests that Ramaphosa’s leadership could be recalled if he continues to push for the ANC-DA coalition. The fluid political situation may result in a different president leading the GNU in the coming months.

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