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Blossom from Rhythm City her age is being revealed. See more of her life in reality



Meet Slindile Nodangala popularly known as Blossom from Rhythm City on etv. Many people felt in love with her when she a mother Dineo Mashaba on Generations. Now that she lost that role as Ruby, she was again seen on Rhythm City which many of her fans became happy to see her again. Though they have expected her to sing and be like on Generations, she came with another role that is taking her fans by storm.

Many of her fans sympathized with her when she was nearly robbed her inherited land of farm by a so called son. They wished they could be acting too to show her the light that this son of his is robbing and and naive. Soon as she gained her land back, fans were happy because she doesn’t want to see her hurt.

On real life Slindile is a kind of a person who doesn’t do many of the earthly staff like going to the tarven and drink alcohol or have multiple partners at once. She is a devotional woman of God, she wear clothes of her age and she doesn’t go with this latest fashion that mislead people.


Real names: Slindile Nodangala

Born: 23 June 1972

Occupation: Actress and a singer

Slindile seems like she was always a singer, in 1994 and 1995, she used to be a backup singer in the song Stimela. She also used to be a backup Vocalist for Rebecca Malope, Lucky Dube and Sophie Mgcinga.

She is also a very active person who was also featured in different theatre plays like Mfowethu, on my birthday, We can, Home girls, Stepping out, Not with my gun and Newton. Many people like mostly adults know her very well from TV screen as she in 2008 she was also in the movie Izulu Lami and the Lion King musical.

Slindile when she was young she grew up with by her grandmother’s place and at that young age she began her singing path by participating on church choir. Her grandmother passed away in 1997, she was the older sibling at that time and had two siblings which one was born in 1996 and the other one born in 2001.

Many of her fans were heartbroken to learn that Slindile was amongst people who were fired on Generations due to salary deputes and they thought they would never see her again. Slindile also didn’t take that thibg very well as she was also seen to have lost weight. She later explained to her fans that it was not because of leaving Generations, it was due to being involved in a car crash that injured her leg.

It is unclear of the rumours that Slindile and Menzi Ngubani were an item. It is reported as fake news, people were surprised to hear that she paid Menzi for bed session. We can’t judge people and think they are saints but when it comes to her we could say she is not that kind of person who would pay people to sleep with her.

Irrespective of what publishers says, she will always be the most loved South African actresses. Her role right now is one that teaches people to be humbled and learn how to take care of their husbands. She is also a mother to three or four children whom they are not hers but she takes them as they are hers.

She owns a spaza shop and she is making money out of it. Thought it might not be that much but she is a kind that is patient. Many people learn that they should own their business at home if there aren’t vacancies available out here. If not own a multi million business then start from small to big of you don’t have finance injection.

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