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Ayanda Thabethe stunned people when she said she is comfortable with polygamy



The tv personality and South African celebrity Ayanda Thebethe has left many people stunned about her views on polygamy marriage which is more popular in the African continent, we’re many male people have married more than 2 wives on their houses.

According to Thabethe, she sees nothing wrong with polygamy marriage and people need patience when they entered this marriage, because they are a lot of challenges that may arise along the way we’re they had to share a partner.

But according to Christianity a male and female must marry one person as both become one flash when they are coming together, and this makes them one person that needs to be with each other till death tears them apart.

But governments across several countries in the world have agreed any person must be in a polygamy marriage, if he/she wants to because it’s their constitutional right to do that.

People like Thabethe are starting to understand how African culture works and that is the reason why they are expressing this kind of view so that the country, can hear their say about the situation that many women are going through in this world.

It might confuse many people across the country but everyone has a right to say something that she feels entitled to, but Christians are also having their say on this issue.

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