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ANC MP Jacob Boy Mamabolo Denies Cheating Allegations Amid Viral Video Controversy




ANC MP Jacob Boy Mamabolo has found himself at the centre of a controversy after a video of him kissing a woman during the party’s January 8 celebrations went viral.

The incident has been labeled a “cheating scandal,” but Mamabolo vehemently denies the allegations, stating that it was merely a friendly kiss between comrades.

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In an interview with SurgeZirc SA, Mamabolo firmly denied the cheating allegations, emphasizing that he loves his wife and that she is not aggrieved by the incident.

He defended his actions by stating that he has kissed many people before, as a show of camaraderie, and sees no wrongdoing in it. Mamabolo dismissed the video as a smear campaign orchestrated by members of the opposition.

Mamabolo further clarified that the kiss captured in the video was a friendly gesture, devoid of any romantic or sexual intentions. He emphasized that it was not a passionate kiss and that there was no use of tongues. Mamabolo reiterated his belief that comrades should be loved and shown affection, which includes friendly kisses.

Mamabolo made it clear that he loves his wife, Khomotso Malotane, and openly expresses his affection for her on social media platforms.

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He emphasized that his family is happy and united and that the incident captured in the video has not affected their relationship in any way. Mamabolo dismissed any notion that the controversy would have a significant impact on him.

“I was not cheating. It was just me kissing a comrade ‘bye bye’. I do not see anything wrong with that. Even my wife is not aggrieved about the matter.

“My comrades are my comrades. They must be loved and kissed. I have kissed many people before, there is nothing wrong with that,” he said.

Mamabolo believes that the circulation of the video is part of a smear campaign orchestrated by his political opponents. He stated that certain individuals thought the video would be damaging to him, but he remains unfazed.

Mamabolo claims to know the people behind the campaign and suggests that they are taking advantage of the situation.

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The woman seen kissing Mamabolo in the video has a relatively large following on TikTok but has not addressed the allegations on her page. Her identity and intentions remain unknown, leaving room for speculation and further questions surrounding the incident.

This is not the first time Mamabolo has found himself embroiled in controversy. In 2020, he engaged in a heated exchange with Julius Malema in parliament, accusing Malema of being a wife-beater during the State of the Nation Address.

Malema denied the claims, leading to a legal battle in which Mamabolo ultimately apologized and paid legal costs.

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