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ANC And DA Clash Over Cabinet Positions



Ongoing disagreements between the African National Congress (ANC) and the Democratic Alliance (DA) in Gauteng have led to delays in forming the provincial government.

With the ANC and DA unable to reach a consensus on the allocation of legislature positions, the governance of the province remains in limbo. This deadlock is occurring concurrently with similar disputes at the national level.

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In the recent elections, the ANC failed to secure a majority but received the most votes, garnering 34% of the electorate and obtaining 28 seats.

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The DA followed with 27% and 22 seats. During an interview on the Clement Manyathela Show on Radio 702, DA provincial leader Solly Msimanga highlighted that the ANC did not win outright and therefore, cabinet positions should be distributed through proportional representation.

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The DA demands six out of the 13 available positions, arguing that the ANC should hold seven.

At present, the premier and speaker roles have been awarded to the ANC, and the deputy speaker position to the DA.

Msimanga insists that the DA should now receive five MEC positions out of the remaining ten. However, Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi emphasizes that the objective is to establish a functional and stable government, not merely to distribute seats.

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Lesufi argues that a government of provincial unity is essential to avoid the pitfalls of coalition governments seen at the local level.

Lesufi recently postponed a scheduled briefing intended to announce the cabinet, citing the need for additional time to resolve outstanding issues. He has given negotiators until Wednesday to finalize discussions. Lesufi stressed the importance of concluding the matter promptly to ensure the government remains operational.

Despite the DA’s push for more positions, Lesufi maintains that the focus should be on effective governance rather than seat allocation, indicating a willingness to include all parties in the government regardless of their electoral success.

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