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All Women Have Rejected Us Saying We Are Like Animals . We Need Love



Two brothers have narrated a very painful situation they are going through in life.

They say all women they tried to approach to be their wives rejected them and ran away saying they have scales like fish or animals.

This particular reactions from the women left them heartbroken, they decided to stay together and share the same pain of being rejected by all women and everyone in the society.

They say they were born normal but when they reached the age of 15 years, some small tumours started growing on their bodies.

They ignored them and thought it was just normal since the tumours were very small and not painful at all.

The small tumours grew until they covered their entire bodies. Everyone in the society has descriminated them and does not want to associate with them in anyway.

Everyone fears that he/she can be infected with the tumours after interacting with any of the two brothers born differently.

That particular treatment from people inflicted pain and sorrow on the two brothers making them to loose hope in life and wish to die.

They decided not to build a house or do anything important in life since they took themselves to be useless in life. They stay in an old house build by their parents.

Their problems doubled when they reached the age to marry. No woman could wish to even associate with them since they all feared that they would acquire the infection from the two brothers.

The two brothers live together and are sharing the same pain of descrimination together.

They go to look for jobs and the employers decline to hire them fearing that they may spread the infection.

That made them to start practicing agriculture and up to now, they only depend pn agriculture for survival. Only few people accept to offer them some casual jobs to earn a little income.

They say that one day people will contribute funds for them to go for advanced medicine in a developed nation and they will be cured of this rare condition which has really affected their lives.

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