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A guy with polygamy caused a stir on social media for scoring



Mzansi has no chill, they are now questioning this guy about two woman. They want to know how did he do it and what he is offering. People don’t know when to leave people’s lives alone and watch theirs. This guy took it to social media along with these two women next to him as a social media feed news.

Just because he is standing next to beautiful ladies, they say he is a player. There are many people from different cultures and customs in how they do things. There are still those kind of family who still date and marry two woman. Tbhiis guy seems like people are against him for this.

Many people are onto this guy who is seen with two females. Some are asking what is he using to land such beautiful ladies who seem to have it all. Some ask for advice of proposal to tell ladies, they think their words are weak because they don’t land such beautiful ladies.

If a person want a beautiful lady, they will have to buy them nice things and let them bath for hours and do nothing cause sometimes cleaning can damage a person. Imagine having to kneel down on the floor and wash with those beautiful knees.

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